Message from Lucid:

Earlier this year I shut down Dream Catalogue after an explosion in both my personal life and professional life as an artist. I took a long time out through spring and summer and wrote a full first draft of a novel I have been planning for many years. In my free time I thought of new paths to take in my life, to begin anew. But Dream Catalogue is my brand and regardless of how things have gone before, there is always time to change. Through sheer force of will, with the proper orientation towards the future, we can evolve things into the new aesthetic, the unseen world, the mystery of reality. There is always an alternate path, regardless of what those stuck in the past say.

I have re-hired Shima as general manager, who I have had extensive conversations with about the future of the company and find ourselves fully on the same page on where things need to go. We have already made significant plans. With my creative impulse and his professional conduct, Dream Catalogue will rise from the fire of this chaos world like a phoenix. Legends will return and new faces will appear. Dream Catalogue EVO is evolution, it is the hypermodern alternative. We step forwards, unapologetically.

Dream Catalogue EVO



Last modification:April 9, 2022